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Maybe you came across our site after being recommended to check it out by a friend. Perhaps you were one of the countless photographers Rick and I sent our heart out to asking them to be involved. It may have even been that late night Google search on ‘how to glorify God with photography’ that led you to our page. As Christians, we know better… If you are here it is because God Himself is calling. Making the decision to answer His call is the easy part right? The harder part is knowing HOW to answer His call.

If you have signed up to be a part of our growing directory, that is a great first step and we appreciate you more than you know. With word spreading about The Lord’s Lens, hopefully we will hear that you’ve been contacted to donate your time and services to the most amazing cause. When this happens we would love to hear all about it and of course share your images and God’s glory with the world. I am here to ask you however, what are you going to do UNTIL then? There is where the real power lies. Seek out God at work, find those that are in despair or need help, find a need and be the Lord’s solution. Pray to our mighty God to use you, then wait to see what unfolds…

I think as photographers we always like to the think about the story. The GRAND, once in a lifetime miracle, happening in that exotic place. Wouldn’t  we would all love to be there to document that?  Many of us WILL be contacted for missions, for miracles and to document amazing stories. You should know though that you have an amazing opportunity to begin serving right here and now, in your own neighborhood, in your own church. Let me ask you this: Does your Pastor know you are a professional photographer? Does your church staff know that you can help them with their photographic needs? More importantly does your church FAMILY know that when in need they can call on you at no cost? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then I think we just found your next step…

We challenge you to get involved on your local level ASAP. Think about big picture ideas, brainstorm things your church may need done everyday, anything that will bring God glory! Need some ideas? Here are just a small sampling of things Lord’s Lens photographers around the world are shooting:

Baby Dedications - Get in touch with whoever is in charge of scheduling baby dedications for your congregation. This is an awesome way to document such an important part of each child’s life. Through your photos you can really highlight the parent’s passion for Jesus Christ, along with their dedication to raise their child to be a wonderful Christian!

Baptisms – What a personal, important and GLORIOUS thing to photograph. Such a monumental time in the life of every believer. There is glory to be shown in these photos for sure!

Events – Vacation Bible School, Easter Programs, Shoebox Ministries… so many amazing events for people to show their love for God (and one another). Photos from these events can be powerful, inspiring, convicting and are SO important when sharing what the Lord is doing on a local level.

Head Shots – Seeing a photo of someone helps us to learn who they are and be able to recognize and relate to them. Does your pastor have a professional head shot to use for your church’s website? How about your youth pastor, elders, deacons etc… This can be a really impacting project that can be done in a day!

Family Photo Day – Everyone would like a great portrait of their family. The reality is however that very few families have the means to be able to have professional family portraits taken. Each one of us has the ability to be able to GIVE this special gift to them free of charge. This is a wonderful way to thank them for their dedication to serving the Lord. Consider holding a Church Family Portrait day, it is a lot of fun and you really will touch so many lives!

Church Families in Need – When we are in need we lean on our brothers and sisters in Christ. So often our church family knows so much more about our trials and tribulations than we might share with the outside world. Photos have the power to document a time in a persons life, to bring happiness to someone who might need it or to tell a story that the world needs to hear. What a beautiful gift we can give to those that we love, all for the glory of God!

End Of The Year Slide Shows – What’s going on in your church this year? Baptisms, baby dedications, small groups, picnics, get togethers, mission trips… A photo is worth a thousand words and what better way to show your congregation what everyone has been up to than an end of the year slide show!

Small Group/Ministries – Finding a small group can be an intimidating process. Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew a few smiling faces and had a glimpse into what you might expect when you join?

Services Offered – Our church has a fantastic daycare program, a seminary school and even a separate service for Spanish speaking members. What better way to let people know about all the special things your church has to offer than through pictures

Mission Trips - There is so much that goes into a mission trip. The camaraderie of those that are serving, the work done for the Lord, the reaction from those who receive God’s grace… Documenting a mission and capturing the story behind it is one of the most rewarding things we can do as photographers.

What are you shooting? Have more suggestions on how people can use their photography to help on a local level? We would LOVE to hear about them and share them here on The Lord’s Lens. Please send your suggestions along with photos if possible to info@thelordslens.com.

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