The Return of Reese | Update

A while back Lord’s Lens Photographer, Sheradee Hurst, shared the story of Reese with us. This special little girl has been sick since birth with Chronic Intestinal Psuedo Obstruction, and she has been in and out of the hospital and surgery. The original post which details her story along with gorgeous photos can be found here. Since then Sheradee has had the pleasure of photographing Reese and her family again as they continue to keep hope. We love to share updates of how God is  at work! Here is more from her blog:

This face, this face is in etched in my memory.  Last time Reese made this face at me, she was a skeptical toddler on a rare day outside the hospital.

Now, Reese is a little older, a lot healthier, and still slightly skeptical of my camera.  Reese’s story touched my heart, you can read it and see photos from her first session here.  Reese was born with a serious digestive condition that prevented her from going outside or in public for a long, long time.  Due to hospitalizations and illness, her first photo shoot was around 18 months of age, and we had to stay inside.  Several months ago, she had a really bad scare, one that prompted her usually calm parents to reach out for prayer.  I posted this on my photography Facebook page, and watched an outpouring of prayers for healing.  And now, months later, here she is……feeling fantastic, and well enough to have an outdoor photo session!

I shot a few of the same things from her first shoot so her parents could see how much she’s grown.  Those little hands folded just the same as her chubby baby hands did,

but her velcro shoes have been traded for ballet flats with a sparkly stone.

I asked her mom as we started the shoot if she wanted me to tuck in her little plastic bag.  That bag is how she is here and able to digest food.  I wanted to be sensitive to that.  Her mom replied, “No, she’ll have it for the rest of her life, so let’s leave it outside of her skirt.”  And so we did.  I’ve thought of her mom’s reply several times since the shoot, as we’ve lived through some changes in my family recently.  Who knew that a 3 year old could inspire us to embrace your earthly characteristics, because they are just that…earthly…and Reese is a little bit of Heaven.

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