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There are two words that are enough to thoroughly excite Wyoming senior photographers… fall session! Photographing seniors is always something that we love but when Mikayla contacted us and was up for all things Fall we couldn’t help but be CRAZY excited. We headed to Centennial, WY home of some of our absolute favorite spots for Fall color. Giddy like a couple of children we were super excited to photograph not only green scenery, but also yellow and if we were SUPER lucky… Red.

We decided to start at Snowy Mountain Lodge for our first location. For those of you who don’t know the lodge and all it’s gorgeous surroundings belong to Laramie Valley Chapel, our home church. We explored rustic bridges, tall grasses and even had a few picturesque stumps at our disposal. We braved logs and tried our best to get as close to that gorgeous river as we could without Mikayla going IN to said river lol. As Wyoming senior photographers we really love to incorporate places that seem like they could only be found right here in Wyoming. The lodge did not disappoint, we instantly fell in love with the golden overgrown grasses that we have grown to know and love as natives. We even found some foliage that had turned the brightest shade of red and of course had to shoot in it. After all the color red in the Fall is pretty much like the holy grail. Seems like we only ever find it super high up on mountains or on the very tip top of the treeline. Both of which are too ambitious for a senior session!

From there we headed up the mountain to chase wild Fall color. We happened upon the most amazing grove of aspens that wasn’t just yellow but had turned ORANGE. We adore shooting through Aspens. There is nothing like the sparkle of gorgeous rays of sunlight glittering through their leaves. That is nothing like it until those same rays are glittering through their ORANGE leaves. We could have photographed forever in this amazing spot! Loved the way no matter where we asked Mikayla to pose she was totally up for anything. This girl has such an adventurous spirit and we were excited to show her the spots we selected. Seems like she was totally our people and just as excited about the bold beautiful Fall color as we were!

As Wyoming senior photographers we often give people direction with their posing. We might ask our clients to look this way, put their hand in their pocked, cross their arms etc. Every once in a while though we have a client who is such a natural we pretty much just tell them where to be and let them bring the magic. Mikayla was this client lol. This sweet girl just exuded a quiet confidence. We would loosely place her in a pose after finding the composition, lighting and background we wanted. Then she would totally make it her own adjusting into a comfortable, confident and signature pose that was all her own! Rick and I always place a high priority on really capturing our seniors as they are. We want their photos to be genuine, authentic and so THEM! We love it when our clients feel comfortable making a pose their own by changing things up.

Mikayla, thank you so much for asking us to be a part of this exciting time in your life. You are only a senior once and we know just how important your senior photos were to you. Thank you for climbing on logs, sitting in aspens, adjusting your wardrobe and letting us bring you up and down our favorite mountain in our favorite season. We will be praying for you and your family and are so excited to see what BIG things are in store for you!

WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSLOVE LOVE LOVE the gorgeous fall color in this one! Us Wyoming senior photographers always adore portrait sessions photographed in the Fall.
WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSPosing Mikayla was absolutely effortless! This girl has natural style and a quiet confidence that made our job super easy!
WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSWhat’s a senior photo session without a little danger right?! Just kidding this log was totally safely embanked into the river but we were so psyched that Mikayla was totally up for going out on it!
WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSThere is that gorgeous golden rod scenery that we Wyoming senior photographers love. It just screams WYOMING to me. Glad we got to incorporate it into this sweet girls session. Helps that the light was also ridiculously gorgeous that day as well!
WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSOk funny story behind this gorgeous portrait. Rick photographs most of our close ups. For this shot Mikayla had that cute top off her shoulders which is totally the style nowadays. Rick being a DAD himself took one her way then one his way with the shoulders up. We all had a giggle about the Dad Portrait that came out of it lol.
WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSIsn’t the outfit she picked here just PERFECT for that Fall setting. As Wyoming senior photographers we don’t give a lot of direction on outfit selection. We tell our clients to start with something they feel comfortable and confident in and build from there. If they aren’t dressy then don’t dress up… Always dressed to the nines? Bring your tuxedo like Bradley 🙂 We want you to look like YOU in your photos!
WYOMING SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHERSAround here as Wyoming senior photographers there is one thing that we go CRAZY over in the Fall. That would be the color RED. Fall foliage, elusive red aspens, doesn’t matter anything red and you KNOW we will be photographing in it lol.

There we go again with the cold shoulder top lol. I just adore this photo. Even though Mikayla is not looking it the camera I feel like you can just tell so much about who she is in this relaxed portrait. You bet there is some gorgeous yellow color in that background but we decided to go black and white for a more moody feel!

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