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When it comes to high school senior portraits Laramie always keeps us on our toes. We’ve had a few clients choose a downtown, city, urban feel for their photos. Their sessions are filled with bright, beautiful grunge and lots of graffiti! Bradley loved the city feel but also really like natural outdoor settings as well. So when it came to planning out his session we wanted both settings (city and natural) to be classic and timeless.

We started out with Bradley down by the Laramie river. We were blessed with some stunning fall colors and of course that amazing water! Rocks along the river’s edge gave us some wonderful sitting spots and those tall golden rod grasses gave us something interesting to layer through. We spent quite a bit of time

photographing Bradley in a more traditional manner. We took many photos with pleasing classic compositions and of course lots of smiles as he looked at the camera. After we took advantage of all the beautiful scenery the Laramie River had to offer we headed downtown.

While at the river Bradley had let it slip that he brought a TUX for our next location as well as his Saxophone. When photographing high school senior portraits Laramie clients love to surprise us and we love it every single time. He also mentioned that he wasn’t going to be wearing a clip on bow tie, he had plans to tie his own tie which is like unheard of right? As we headed downtown we found ourselves in the middle of a super cool alleyway trying to You Tube exactly HOW to tie your own tie. Bradley brought Dad along who had a go with it and Rick even tried but no matter what it was to no avail. Making the most of the moment we photographed a bit more of the session sans tie and made a plan to meet again downtown for senior session part two (which included a fabulously tied bow tie lol).

Taking photos that included his saxophone was such a treat. There was this vintage classic musician feel especially with the downtown scene. Bradley was such a trooper as we walked him down shady alleys and sit on dive stairs. He was so confident and just amazing about trying any pose we asked of him but really communicating with us what he wanted.

So true story Rick and I are big fans of black and white photography. We have a recipe for how we process our black and white photos and it really is something that sets us apart. We like rich blacks, bright whites and a lot of contrast throughout. We add in film grain to give it that timeless classic feel that is such a throwback to when photographers used real film and all of our photos had to be printed. Every once in a while we will run across a session that is just MADE for that kind of processing. Quirky Ardent processing meet Bradley’s amazing downtown photos complete with Tux. Its just like a match made in heaven. These photos in black and white are so stunning. These are the kind of photos that will remain timeless for generations to come. These is the kind of high school senior portraits Laramie has never seen!

Bradley, thank you for being so amazing and letting us photograph for you. I bet you will absolutely never forget how to tie a bow tie and have a newfound skill for life! We had so much fun with you and will be looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you!

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIEWhen it comes to high school senior portraits Laramie usually gives us one of two clients. We get seniors that adore the city and love fire escapes, murals and downtown alleys. Other clients will love all things natural and mountain. Tall trees, golden rod grasses and mountain streams. When it came to Bradley’s preference he really enjoyed both so we didn’t ask him to choose!

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIEThe Laramie River is just such a gorgeous place to take photos. Love how golden and twinkly the entire scene is. What a great setting for classic senior portraits!

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIEThen there is this whole other side to Bradley, the side that plays the sax, sports a tux and belongs classically photographed downtown. We loved exploring the downtown alley ways to find the perfect location for this cool senior. Love how this alley is so real (complete with dumpsters lol) yet so non recognizable. This could be any alley in any city and we just loved that anonymity.

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIERick and I are sort of fanatical when it comes to our black and white processing. We like our blacks black, our whites bright and film grain throughout. I feel like this processing was just MADE for Bradley’s tux wearing photos. There is something so classic and timeless about this shot don’t you think?

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIELove this traditional classic portrait. When photographing high school senior portraits Laramie totally has us spoiled. This unbelievable scenery is right here within 5 minutes of anywhere in the city. I grew up just outside of Denver and I remember having to drive at LEAST an hour to see anything that resembled mountain scenery. We definitely do not take this for granted, it makes our job so easy!

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIEPlaying an instrument requires so much focus and dedication not to mention massive amounts of time spent practicing. Playing the Saxophone was something that was important for Bradley to include in his senior photo session. We loved getting to incorporate it into the city scenery, it felt right at home!

HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PORTRAITS LARAMIERick and I do take quite a few edgier senior photos. Photos with our subject looking off camera or even showcased in a really cool composition. We aren’t afraid to shoot wide out or even get up close. For every session however we make sure to also focus on classic traditional portraiture that will never go out of style. What an amazing smile he has and we are sure that his parents and loved ones will adore this one!


Rocking a tux for your senior photos takes guts. Everyone who passed us by during Bradley’s session thought we were out photographing a celebrity. It was a BOLD choice for sure but it added such a cool timeless feel to his session. We are so glad he had the guts to pull it off!

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