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Rick and I LOVE taking Cheyenne and Laramie senior pictures. Something about senior photography is just so amazing. We love getting asked to capture our clients as they are. Including their likes and activities is a much but more than just that you really want their personality to come through. Our goal is for their friends and family to look at their photos and come away saying ‘ That is so her’. That is why when we sat down with Chloe and her sweet Momma we were thrilled that it was easy for Chloe to let us know what she liked and what she was looking for when it came to her senior photos. She wanted city, grunge, graffiti and COLOR!

When it comes to Cheyenne and Laramie senior pictures we really are blessed when it comes to backgrounds. Both cities have such a rich downtown scene full of art and culture. Downtown Laramie is even blessed to have a rich mural project through which local artists are encouraged to use their amazing talents to help make our city lovely! When we found out that graffiti was right up Chloe’s alley we set out to see the best of what downtown had to offer. Finally we settled on bright bold colors and tried to steer toward a vintage cool type of vibe.

What makes edgy downtown senior pictures even BETTER? When your subjects shows up rocking a hot pink mohawk! Chloe’s hair and wardrobe were on point and just added to how amazing her set turned out. It did take a little bit of planning though. I had no idea but when you get your hair dyed initially it takes a little while for it to settle into the color that will be permanent. We took extra care to plan with this sweet girl so that the shade would be just right! Because senior photos are so forever right?

Another thing that we really enjoyed about Chloe’s session is that she was so comfortable and adamant about being herself. So often there is a pressure to dress up, smile the entire time and be this version of yourself that would look good in pictures. Chloe smiles, she is funny and playful but she is also serious, dramatic and intense. She asked us early on if she HAD to smile. I feel like we get that question a lot actually. We usually ask people whether they smile all the time or if they feel like they are a mix of serious and smiling. It would look totally weird for us to take a fun loving, bubbly, perky senior and ask her to Calvin Klein model pose the entire time. Conversely it would be way awkward for us to take a fiery, serious, intense senior and make her fake smile and laugh it up for their entire session. Chloe told us she smiled sometimes, and that sometimes she was more serious and serene. So we went with that. I feel like one of the things that sets us apart from other people who shoot Cheyenne & Laramie senior pictures is the fact that we aren’t afraid to try new things and play during our sessions. We had her smile, we had her try something a bit more serious, faced her away from the camera to focus on her hair and even had her look outside of the frame for a few model like shots. No matter what we threw at this girl though Chloe brought her ‘A’ game. She was so easy to work with!

Chloe, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your senior year. You are such an amazing girl and we just loved what you dreamed up for your senior session. We genuinely hope we did it justice. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESFashion posing can add so much to our Cheyenne and Laramie senior picture sessions. Chloe was comfortable with who she was and just EXUDED confidence. Loved putting her in her element and just watching the magic happen!

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESThe walking bridge is so iconic here in Laramie. We loved it for the metal industrial feel that looks so amazing in pictures.

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESWho wouldn’t LOVE to have this gorgeous mohawk even for just one day. SO cool and we are so glad she chose this before her senior session. Something so cool about capturing this for her!

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESLooking for things vintage for Cheyenne and Laramie senior pictures is always a treat. We stumbled upon an old 7 UP truck that was just PERFECT for her session!

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESI know what you are thinking… How on earth were we lucky enough to be able to find her name in graffiti. For this amazing girls session we asked a favor of our favorite local artist, Dan Toro to spray paint her name just for her photos!

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESLoved that Chloe chose to mix in some girly elegance with all of her punk edginess. Her shoes were so fab and she really pulled off this fancier look quite nicely.

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESOnce again ladies and gentleman the vintage 7 UP truck for the win! Thanks to Chloe for totally bringing it when it came to posing!

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESRick and I have a daughter named Chloe! She too loves all things bright, cheerful and as vibrant as her own BIG personality. Wonder if all Chloe’s share this same love? In addition to large wide out photos that really showcased the graffiti and murals as also opted for some close ups of this amazing girl. She has such a confident and genuine smile don’t you think?

CHEYENNE AND LARAMIE SENIOR PICTURESAgain with that CUSTOM mural. That’s right just call Ardent for all your Cheyenne and Laramie senior pictures, they include completely custom artwork for your session. Just kidding, it was really fun to include it for Chloe however.


I just absolutely ADORED the colors from this entire set. We see a lot of changing aspens, or golden rod grasses. It was neat to photograph in such a bright, bold and artistic setting. See we are totally spoiled when it comes to photographing Cheyenne and Laramie senior pictures.

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