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Meet Kyle & Bailey… Ardent clients from years back and great friends of ours. When we found out their were expecting we of course wanted to bless them with Laramie WY maternity photos. We wanted them to be relaxed, laid back and really show their personalities. We wanted them to be outside, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation but we didn’t plan on was having gorgeous sun filtering through the trees and adding flare to this amazing session.

We asked Kyle & Bailey to meet us in the Happy Jack area for their session. We have certain secret spots, for certain amazing clients and we just KNEW that this time of year this area would be absolutely amazing. As we walked through open meadows, canopied with beautiful Fall leaves I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with how amazing this was. Kyle and Bailey were going to be having a baby. KYLE & BAILEY! It seems like just yesterday that we were at Laramie Valley Chapel as they said their I do’s in front of all their friends and family. Bailey had the most darling dress and Kyle looked so dapper. We loved getting to document that amazing day for them and now fast forward to this! Bailey and I had been in bible studies together for just about forever actually. We had prayed for her, talked through family planning and were thrilled when our sweet friend started talking about all things baby. Now here we were standing in one of the most beautiful places in Wyoming photographing their miracle.

During our sessions for Laramie WY maternity photos we like to include a variety of shots. We try to include natural elements to showcase the beauty of their location but also focus on selecting some simpler backgrounds to really focus on only our subjects. Portraits are often looking at the camera at first in a traditional classic sort of way. We spend lots of time with Mom & Dad together, gazing down at baby, adoring one another and just allowing them to get lost in the moment while we photograph them just as they are. There is also something so amazing and powerful about portraits of a new expectant momma, so we also make a lot of time and select a few different locations for those. For Kyle & Bailey’s session we were so blessed. The weather was wonderful and the lighting was just next level. Any where you looked was absolutely stunning for portraits and we tried to take advantage of all of it!

I remember those last few days. When it was just Rick and I. Excited, scared, nervous in a wonderful sort of way about being a Mom & Dad. Love that we got to spend some time with these two before their little Miss made her debut. They have been amazing friends to us, adore our kiddos as much as we do and have been there praying for us through all of life’s trials. We’ve had dinners together, studied God’s Word together and as fellow entrepreneurs we’ve encouraged each other in that way too.

Bailey and Kyle, it means the world to us that you allowed us to capture this for you. It has been wonderful getting to know you over these years. We are so blessed to call you two good friends. We were over the moon with your announcement of a little baby girl on the way. Cannot wait to see you two as parents! Kyle running the shop with little Miss Vera leading staff meetings. Bailey attending bible studies with Vera in tow. There is no doubt that she is going to be the sweetest, most loved and also perhaps most stylish baby ever. We will be praying for you three and your sweet little family. Excited to see what the Lord has in store for the Koster Family for sure! Love you guys!

What is a blog post without big bright beautiful images? Here are a few of our favorites from Kyle & Bailey’s Laramie WY maternity session. Believe me when I say that it was INCREDIBLY hard to narrow it down to just a handful. Gosh their entire session was so gorgeous:

Laramie WY Maternity Photos

Love all the gorgeous sunshine God blessed us with for these Laramie WY maternity photos! Aren’t these two super cute?
Laramie WY Maternity PhotosBailey has such a wonderful sense of style. The outfits she picked out for their session were perfect. Love this gorgeous printed blouse!
Laramie WY Maternity PhotosThis is one of my FAVORITE photos from these Laramie WY maternity photos. Bailey looks amazing but what makes it is how much Kyle is just adoring her in this.
Laramie WY Maternity Photos

During maternity photo sessions we try to encourage our couple to really envision holding and talking to their little one. That bump isn’t just a cute little bump, that’s where Little Miss Vera lives!
Laramie WY Maternity PhotosFor these Laramie WY maternity photos we really embraced the amazing light we had. Keeping it a bit darker and with rich contrast was so much fun!
Laramie WY Maternity PhotosIt gets me everytime thinking that these portraits of the two of them really aren’t pictures of two people at all but their new family of three!
Laramie WY Maternity PhotosWhat is it they tell women when they are pregnant? ‘You are just glowing right now!” Gorgeous sun drenched leaves and a wide open meadow are beautiful, but not as beautiful as this new momma!
Laramie WY Maternity PhotosI swear I was never this cute or tiny for my own maternity photos. I suppose it is all relative but even now as I see our own maternity canvas every morning as I come down the stairs of our home I am like ‘how on earth did I fit an entire human being in there’. The human body is just remarkable!
Laramie WY Maternity Photos

Sometimes maternity photos can be so serious and serene. When in reality this type of photography often leads to giggling and laughing as we try out silly poses and discuss the worst baby names of all time. Love getting to capture images that really show how fun these two are.

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